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The Lyde Green Online website will soon be closing.
For more information about Lyde Green, visit Lyde Green Community Association or Emersons Green Town Council

Welcome to Lyde Green Online. Here you’ll find news and information from local clubs, groups and businesses, as well as helpful tips for new Lyde Green residents.

We have done a lot of research to give you the best possible information and advice, however if you spot something that’s wrong or missing, please let us know.

This website is independently ran by volunteers to help fellow Lyde Green residents. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve it or have any photos we can use, please get in touch. We’re looking for pictures, guides on how to set everything up in your new house, information about any groups, clubs, associations or organisations you’re involved with… and anything else you’d like us to see here!

Email us at lydegreenonline@gmail.com or find us at www.facebook.com/LydeGreenOnline

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