Allotments are a fantastic way of growing fruits and vegetables to feed your family, especially if you only have a small garden. Allotments also provide great health benefits through exercise and fresh air. They are a great way to get the community working together to share garden knowledge and produce and can also improve air quality.

Dibden Lane Allotments

Emersons Green Town Council run the Dibden Lane Allotments on Blackhorse Lane (approximately 1.5 miles away) for residents within the council area. There are provisions for 90 allotment spaces at Dibden Lane but there is a long waiting list. A waiting list should be seen as a positive thing as it shows there is a demand. The contracts tend to renew around March/April so any plots will likely become available around this time.
There were 20 people on the waiting list, as of July 2018

Boxhedge Allotments

Boxhedge Allotments are a new allotment site in Henfield, just off the Westerleigh Road (just under 2 miles away from Lyde Green). These opened in July/August 2017. They are not council-run and net costs are around £2 per week. They have a wider range of facilities available including off-street parking and a toilet and great quality, agricultural soil, and ad-lib manure on site. Get in touch to find out more
There were 5 spaces available, as of May 2018

Lyde Green Allotments

Some residents in Lyde Green are attempting to get some additional Allotment provision in Lyde Green. Around 30 residents have already shown interest and it was discussed at the Emersons Green Town Council Open Spaces & Allotments Committee meeting on 14th March 2017. The response was that as there is already Allotment provision within Emersons Green Town Council area, that they would like to ensure those are being used to the full capacity before looking into providing more in Lyde Green. To help further the cause, please add your name to the waiting list for the Dibden Lane Allotments by emailing Emersons Green Town Council, FAO: Allotments. Adding your name to the waiting list will show Emersons Green Town Council that there is a need for additional provision, and that there are enough residents in Lyde Green to warrant allotment space here.

If you are interested in helping to get allotments in Lyde Green, particularly with helping acquire land, funding and getting set up, please get in touch with the Lyde Green Open Space group.