Bee Wildlife Friendly

Why are bees and butterflies important for the garden?

Pollination is essential to the survival of plants because it is part of their reproductive process. It is equally important for people, because without pollination we would not have vegetables and fruits to eat. The most well known pollinators are bees. The second most productive pollinators are butterflies.

Attracting bees and butterflies to your garden

Have plenty of pollen and nectar sources including a range of plants and flowers. Some species of bees and butterflies like particular plants; for example, the Holly Blue butterfly feeds from the flowers of Holly and Ivy plants.

Put out extra food sources, such as ripe fruit and shallow bowls of sugar water.

Hotel for Bees

Give solitary bees somewhere to rest. Contrary to popular belief, not all bee species live in hives with bee colonies and queens. There are some bees that live and travel alone, who make their own "nests". You can put a bee hotel or house in your garden to give these bees somewhere to stay; these can be bought for less than £10 or you can make your own by drilling small holes into a block of wood, or putting a selection of sticks and hollow plant stems into a waterproof container such as a plastic bottle to keep them protected from bad weather.