This year marks our 3rd annual Christmas Advent Trail

Each day a new home will reveal their decorated window which will then be on display until the end of December. We’ve asked all homes to have their window ready and lit by 4pm on their day, and then every day from 4:30-10:30pm.

To get involved, visit our Facebook Page:

The map below shows roughly where each window will appear:

Advent Window Addresses


Day 1 19 Woodsage Crescent
Day 2 2 Teasel Close
Day 3 4 Rowan Drive
Day 4 19 Pear Tree Way
Day 5 Coffee at Lyde (at Lyde Green Community Centre)
Day 6 23 Pear Tree Way
Day 7 7 Clover Road
Day 8 18 Thistle Close
Day 9 31 Hawthorn Way
Day 10 9 Teasel Close
Day 11 11 Cherry Banks
Day 12 22 Hawthorn Way
Day 13 184 Willowherb Road
Day 14 24 Hawthorn Way
Day 15 Larch Close
Day 16 7 Bluebell Way
Day 17 96 Willowherb Road
Day 18 203 Willowherb Road
Day 19 26 Thistle Close
Day 20 23 Valerian Street
Day 21 100 Willowherb Road
Day 22 7 Cherry Banks
Day 23 7 Pennycress Close
Day 24 40 Cherry Banks


Polite notice: Please respect people’s gardens and property as you visit the windows; there may be details you want to get close to see, but please be careful and considerate. Thank you!

Taking Part

Thanks to everyone with an advent window this year!

What you need to do:

  1. Decorate a Festive Window!
  2. Make sure you include your Advent Number in your window (not your house number!)
  3. Have your windows illuminated each evening from your day until at least Christmas Day (from 4pm-10pm) ready for visitors.
  4. Send us a picture of your completed window!

P.S. If you’re struggling for inspiration, have a browse of some of the Lyde Green windows above, or we highly recommend Pinterest or Google Images – just search for “Advent Windows”!

There’s no theme this year, anything Christmas goes!

If you’d like to take part for Christmas 2020, please email with the subject “Advent Windows 2020” – we’ll be in touch in November!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.