Council Boundaries

Lyde Green is a bit of a confusing area at the moment. The boundaries have been slowly changing to line up but in the meantime, you might find that you have a different MP from someone down the road.

The whole area is within South Gloucestershire Council, Emersons Green Ward and Emersons Green Town Council.

Town/Parish Council

A town or parish council is a locally elected group of unpaid volunteers who are responsible for the local town or parish. (More info)

The council is part of the lowest tier of government, funded by a 'precept' (part of the council tax). They have various but generally minor responsibilities and powers such as:

  • Allotments - The council has a duty to provide a sufficient number of allotments to meet demand.
  • Facilities & Services - Depending on the council, they may support or provide various services including village halls, parks, litter control, public toilets, footpaths, memorials etc.
  • Planning Permission - The town/parish council are notified of all planning applications so that they can respond on behalf of the council and residents. You can comment directly on an application using the South Glos' Website.
  • Members of the public can attend council meetings but you should contact them first beforehand if you want to speak.

Since 2015, Lyde Green has been part of Emersons Green Town Council.
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A ward is a local authority area, used for electoral and administrative purposes.
Each ward is represented by one or more councillors.

As of 2nd May 2019, all of Lyde Green is part of Emerson’s Green Ward.

The councillors for Emersons Green Ward are:

You should contact your local councillor about issues surrounding council housing, planning, rubbish collection, the local environment, and the administration of elections. They may also be able to help with other issues on a local level.

South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire Council is a unitary or local authority within the ceremonial county of Gloucestershire. It is divided into a number of wards from which Councillors are elected. You can find out more about how the council works here.

South Gloucestershire Council are responsible for the provision of all local government services within the South Gloucestershire district. This includes education, housing, planning applications, highways and transport (including public transport), fire, social services, libraries, leisure, waste collection and disposal, environmental health and revenue collection (mainly through council tax).

You should contact South Gloucestershire Council with questions about any of these services. However please note that many areas of the development have yet to be adopted by the Council, so it may be best to contact your developer in the first instance for issues such as street lighting, highways, drains, and litter.

Constituency Boundaries

Constituency areas are electoral districts and each has an elected Member of Parliament who represents their constituents (residents) in the House of Commons, which is responsible for making laws in the UK and for overall scrutiny of all aspects of government.

Currently Lyde Green is split between two constituencies: Kingswood, and Thornbury & Yate. The proposed changes are to include all of Lyde Green within the Kingswood constituency as of the next General Election (TBC). This would ensure that residents in Lyde Green are all able to contact the same Member of Parliament (MP) with their concerns.

The MP for Kingswood is Chris Skidmore MP (Conservative).

The MP for Thornbury & Yate is Luke Hall MP (Conservative).

You should contact your MP for concerns regarding tax, hospitals and the NHS, benefits, pensions and national insurance, and other nationwide concerns (including government policies and budgets, climate change, foreign aid spending, law making and parliamentary votes, Prime Minister questions, and more). Your MP cannot help with private disputes or court judgements.

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