Who are Green Square?

GreenSquare (or GreenSquare Estates Limited) are a company that manage and maintain open space in Lyde Green. The Consortium of House Builders (Emersons Green Urban Village Ltd.) contracted GreenSquare for the maintenance of public open space in Lyde Green. This process was overseen and approved by South Gloucestershire Council.

Green Square now have a website, with information specific to Lyde Green -

Area Responsible For

All areas of public open space within the development are currently (or will when built) be the responsibility of GreenSquare. There is currently no full site plan denoting these areas, only a number of smaller ones (which are available on the link below). They are currently working on putting a larger plan together.

GreenSquare Works Specification is available here.

There are a number of areas, predominantly verges and tree pits on, or adjacent to roads that are not covered by the annual charge payable to GreenSquare. Instead, these remain with the developers until such a point as they are adopted by South Gloucestershire as part of the Section 38 agreement.


Every plot in Lyde Green currently pays a annual fee to GreenSquare. The amount is detailed in your plot ownership pack (TP1). Please see GreenSquare's Estate Rent Charge fees by year here:  GreenSquare Lyde Green ERC Schedule

The percentage breakdown of this charge is available here: GreenSquare LG Breakdown by Percentage.
Residents are being charged the full amount each year to aid in building a sinking fund to allow for maintenance and service costs in future.

The annual bills usually are sent out towards the end of March. Plots should have paid the first instalment on the completion of purchase.

Contact GreenSquare

As some areas have yet to be handed over to GreenSquare, it is worth contacting your developer first for any issues with landscaping (outside of obvious public open space areas).

Phone: 01249 465465

How our money is spent

Latest Updates

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Reporting Other Problems


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