Litter is a huge threat to our environment.

Every day over 2 million items of litter are dropped on our beaches, fields, towns and roadsides, spoiling our landscape and harming our wildlife.

How can we keep Lyde Green clean and free from litter?

  • If you notice there's a bit of rubbish outside your home, on your street or somewhere you're walking, do a little bit to help. Even if you just pick up one or two pieces as you're passing.
  • Make sure you are not littering yourself, even if accidentally! Take your litter home or dispose of it properly.
  • Check you put covers/lids on recycling containers and bins so that items can't fall out.
  • If you notice a large amount of litter or flytipping in an area, report it. Depending on what/where it is, you may need to report it to GreenSquare or South Gloucestershire Council.
  • Let others know. If you spot someone littering, purposefully or inadvertently, let them know it's not OK and tell them where a bin is, or offer other solutions.

Who is responsible?

We can all help keep Lyde Green tidy but responsibility of emptying bins or skips depends on who owns it.

Litter picking:

They are responsible for a thorough litter pick every other month on their Public Open Space areas, but additional requirements should be reported to them.

South Gloucestershire Council
They are responsible for their areas which includes Howsmoor Lane and will also cover highways (once adopted). If there is a lot of litter, you can report this to them online (on their website or via FixMyStreet)

South Gloucestershire Council
You can report incidents of flytipping to South Gloucestershire Council online.

Litter Bins
  • Litter bin locations coming soon
  • If you can't find a bin, make sure you take your litter home.

There have been some issues with the litter bins not being collected. While GreenSquare (the outdoor maintenance company contracted by the Council) have not yet adopted all areas, they should already be emptying litter bins.

If you know of a bin that is not being emptied, contact GreenSquare in the first instance:

Phone:  01249 465465

If there is no response within a reasonable time frame, please also report to South Gloucestershire Council as they will be able to push from another side. You can report to the Council via their website ( Choose the "Litter Bin Problems" option.

Community Litter Picks

Sometimes communities feel it's necessary to take action against litter themselves.

If you want to set up a community litter pick, South Gloucestershire Council will provide you with gloves and bin bags (black for non-recyclable and clear for recyclable waste). Depending on demand, they may also be able to lend litter pick groups bag hoops (which hold the bags open for you) and litter pickers (litter picking sticks so you don't have to bend down). Just contact South Gloucestershire Council to request these items on the date of your litter pick.

Publicising your litter pick in advance may mean you get lots of extra willing helpers. Don't forget to let neighbours know by talking to them, posting on the Lyde Green Local Facebook group or even getting something put in a local paper.