Lyde Green Common

 The Common is an area of land in Lyde Green that is open to the public to use for walking, running, wildlife watching, etc.

Where is the Common?

There are two large fields at the end of Howsmoor Lane that are part of Lyde Green Common land and can be used by residents as common land/green space. (See map below).

Map of 2 of the fields of Lyde Green Common, off Howsmoor Lane
- 1st Field (Red) is currently fenced, although still accessible. There are proposals to remove fencing.
- 2nd Field (Orange) can be accessed by public footpath in dry weather
Another old map showing the whole of the Common Land

Ecology on the Common

A South Gloucestershire Survey completed in 1998 can be viewed here: Ecology Survey on Lyde Green Common - June 1998 ST67-0-081-003

In 2018, Lyde Green Open Space (LGOS) received funding from a South Gloucestershire Council Members Awarded Funding grant. This was put towards a Preliminary Ecological Survey, which has formed the basis of LGOS's Annual Plan of Environmental and Wildlife events for 2019/2020.

The Preliminary Ecological Appraisal was completed in April 2019 here: SH2018007_Lyde_Green_Ecological_Appraisal_20190604 GN

About Common land

Common land is owned either by the local council, privately, or by the National Trust. You have the right to roam which means you can access and use land for walking, running, watching wildlife and climbing.
You are usually not allowed to ride horses, camp, light fires, drive or cycle where you have a right to roam unless there is express permission from land owners or there is a bridle way/cycle path that runs across the land.

You Have a Right to Roam, which is the access given to the public on open space or common land. It means you can access and use land for walking, running, watching wildlife and climbing without needing to stick to public footpaths.

Friends of the Common: A group of residents are working to set up a Friends of the Common group to protect and care for the common land. If you'd like to be a part of getting this set up, please click here to join the Facebook group. 

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