Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch

What is the Neighbourhood Watch?

  • The Neighbourhood Watch helps to tackle and prevent crime by encouraging good links and communication about criminal activity and suspicious behaviour between communities and the police.
  • It was first started in the USA in 1962 as a response to a local murder. The Neighbourhood Watch has since spread internationally. Avon & Somerset Police have been running the scheme since it came to the UK in 1982.  It is the largest National voluntary movement.
  • It is completely free to join and simply involves looking out for your neighbours and the community and ensuring good communication between the community and the police. There’s no patrolling or active crime fighting, just keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour and criminal activity, and communicating with your neighbours and the police (mostly through email).
  • The Neighbourhood Watch scheme has shown to significantly reduce crime rates and has many other benefits too...


What are the benefits of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme?

  • It shows that members of the community are looking out for each other and helps residents to get to know their neighbours and feel safer.
  • Keeps you up to date with what’s going on in your area. Receive alerts from the Police about crimes including dates/times and road names (victims won’t be named) to encourage people to come forward with information, and to look out for similar crimes in their areas.
  • Reporting crimes and suspicious activity can help the local police teams to track criminal activity, improving rates of arrest and prosecution.
  • Working closely with the police, helps to prevent and tackle crime. This is especially true for professional criminals who target homes for burglary, rogue trading and more on a bigger scale.
  • It is estimated that you are 6 x less likely to be a victim of crime in a Neighbourhood Watch area. After setting up of the Bromley Heath Neighbourhood Watch, there was a reduction of crime in Bromley Heath by 25% in the first year, and 40% in the second year.
  • Get regular alerts with advice about keeping safe including how to lock your door properly, how to look out for rogue traders and fake workmen, and much more. These alerts may also be tailored to include how to avoid becoming a victim of the latest criminal trends or techniques and specific criminals working in the area.
  • You could save money on your home and car insurance (this could be up to 15%)!
  • Become a member and receive a Welcome Pack from Avon & Somerset Police including booklets and flyers with information about crime prevention and protecting you, your home and belongings. The pack also includes window stickers for you to display in your home or car.


The Structure - How does it work for Lyde Green?

Areas: The Watch tends to work better for smaller areas as it means that homes in viewing distance of each other can be “watched” more effectively. For this reason, Lyde Green has been split into smaller areas. There are currently 10 areas or zones (although this will be adjusted over time depending on involvement and new development areas). Each area will be managed by a Residential Zone Coordinator and will be overseen by the Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch Residential Committee.

Members: Every resident is a member of the scheme - being a member means you have a direct link to the police, can receive police alerts and other communication including crime reports and updates from your Area Coordinator. The more involvement from the community, the stronger and more beneficial the scheme in each area.

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